Gutless Kayaking Challenge - September / October 2013

In September and October 2013, Justin Hansen successfully kayaked 420 miles from Skipton in North Yorkshire to Bristol while connected to a life support system for 24 hours a day.  In undertaking this massive challenge, he created a new world record for an endurance trip surviving on artificial nutrition and raised a formidable £10,575.66 for St Mark's Hospital Foundation.  This latest achievement followed Justin's first kayaking challenge on the 1st October 2010 when Justin, together with a handful of friends, completed a 240-mile kayak adventure from Manchester to London when they raised £18,159.53 for St Mark's Hospital Foundation.

Why 'gutless'?
Due to Crohn's disease most of Justin's intestines have been removed. He needs at least 12 hours of intravenous nutrition every day to survive. For the Manchester to London trip, Justin was connected to his intravenous feed the entire time - 24 hours every day even whilst paddling. He carried out all his aseptic procedures in a little cabin at the back of a narrow boat.

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