St Mark's Hospital Visit - January 2013

On Tuesday 29th January 2013, over twenty 40tude friends visited St Mark's Hospital for a tour, a talk and a light supper. The evening gave us an insight into what’s going on at the hospital and an understanding of the various specialisms that make up St Mark’s. It was a great opportunity to get a good look behind the scenes and to put our fundraising efforts into perspective. The money we've raised so far has obviously gone a long way towards making FLEX a reality in the not too distant future and transforming the treatment of bowel cancer.

The tour and talks included a detailed explanation of FLEX, a demonstration of virtual colonoscopy, an insight into the mind-blowing technology associated with tissue engineering, a fascinating insight into bowel disorders from a paediatrician's perspective and, finally, the opportunity to talk directly with the doctors and fellow 40tude supporters.
It was a truly inspirational evening. Here is what some of the attendees said afterwards:

"The tour was truly fascinating and we all felt very welcome. I think we all knew that the St Mark's team were a very talented group - but the scope and scale of what they are working on was mind blowing."

"It really helped to bring my understanding full circle. I left feeling very humbled by the experience. I am really proud to be a part of this!"

"It was really quite inspirational - and so nice to meet so many lovely people and see what goes on behind the scenes... quite an eye opener..."

If you missed this opportunity but would like to be invited to a future visit to St Mark's Hospital, please contact: