Cabbage Patch 10 run for 40tude

Congratulations to Toni Ashby, who in October ran the Cabbage Patch 10 in memory of her friend Gavin Murray - who was also a great friend of 40tude - in her first ever race having only recently taking up running. 

Says Toni, “I'm not (or wasn't) much of a runner but have always been amazed at the determination shown by others when they take part in the Marathon.  My dad first ran the Marathon when he was 50 and this was a very proud day for our family.  This year, I took the children to watch my good friend Ian complete his first marathon in a brilliant time, and that day I decided it was time I participated rather than watched.”  

"I applied for a place in the Marathon ballot and have been increasing my running distance over the last few months.  I was absolutely gutted when I didn't get a place for 2018 because I wanted to fund-raise for a charity that means a lot to a special family in our community."

The Cabbage Patch 10 was only planned to be a milestone race in Toni's training but she kindly decided to fund-raise via this race instead.  So far she has raised more than £3,300 for 40tude – thank you Toni! If you would like to sponsor Toni please go to her fundraising page at:

Toni Ashby with Mayor.jpg