“Le Bison's” incredible book is out - buy it now!

Proving that there really is no end to the talents of our 40tude family, long-term supporter David Beresford (known as “The Bison” to fellow 40tuders given his generous physique and force of personality) has written a book - and it’s out now, with a share of the profits going to 40tude.

Brothers in Arms is a personalised account of my travels to track down the golden generation of French rugby players and discover their life adventure,” explains David. “The 33 iconic French players who feature in my book (written in English and translated into French) were a band of loving brothers from a golden generation in the 1980s who dazzled the rugby-loving world with their skill and unpredictability.

“The book is about former great rugby players but a whole lot more. It is about life and its kaleidoscope of colours – nostalgia, dreams, laughter, love, fear, loss, pain, regret, hope.”

Businessman, journalist, Francophile, sportsman and Chairman of Carte Blanche wines, David has been a dynamic part of many of our cycle tours and in recent years has inspired his son Ollie to take up the baton for 40tude too.

Brilliantly timed to go on sale at the time of the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan, Brothers in Arms is on sale now and David is kindly giving a share of the profits to 40tude, one of four charities close to his heart.

It’s available on Amazon and if you buy the book using AmazonSmile 40tude will receive an additional donation from this site. If you haven’t used AmazonSmile before please do use it now for the first time, as extra funds will be forwarded to the charity at no additional cost to you.

For more information about David's book please go to: https://brothersinarmsbook.co.uk/