St. Mark's doctors to join 40tude's 2020 Adventure Challenges

We’re excited to announce the two doctors from St. Mark's Hospital set to join us as Honorary Expedition Leaders on our Adventure Challenges in 2020. 
40tude works closely with the outstanding team at St. Mark’s and their participation in our challenges gives our supporters the rare opportunity to meet these highly-respected practitioners, many of whom are pioneers in the initiative to cure colon cancer. Having stretched to the limit the tolerance of our friends Drs. David Burling and Warren Hyer, we’re delighted that this baton is to be taken up by two equally distinguished doctors from St. Mark’s early next year: Professor Omar Faiz and Mr. Toby Pring.

Click here to find out more about Omar and Toby and our two superb Adventure Challenges taking place in Jan/Feb 2020.